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By combining his extensive knowledge of people-management with his experience of training and leading groups, Rob Thompson helps scientists to optimise their interpersonal relationships and group management skills.

He has delivered workshops in many of Europe’s most prestigious research institutions including several Max Planck Institutes, Helmholtz Association and T.U.M. Graduate School as well as in numerous international graduate training programmes such as the Graduate School of Life Sciences (University of Würzburg), GRADE (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt) and RWTH (University of Aachen).

Rob has worked both in industry and with research scientists. His multidisciplinary experience means he is uniquely placed to bring the most appropriate practices to the scientific arena. He is dedicated to maximising the overall performance and productivity of scientists by improving their interpersonal and leadership skills – transferable expertise that they can use wherever their careers take them. His workshops provide scientists with the necessary soft skills to deliver hard results.

All workshops are tailored to the specific needs of the participants and are usually held on the client institute campus.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and to find out how we can make your group more productive.

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