Why soft skills matter

Modern research science is a collaborative venture and you need to be able to effectively work with others to achieve your full potential.

Being able to lead a team, motivate people and negotiate positive outcomes are skills essential in order to progress from a PhD. Level either in academia or industry.

The scientific environment creates its own particular challenges, as the teams are made up of highly intelligent, highly independent and innovative men and women. In such an environment, just telling people what to do is not enough. Excellent leadership and negotiation skills are essential in order to ensure full use of all available talents and so achieve the appropriate success.

As well as the skills, you must have the confidence to attempt these varied tasks.

Self-awareness, confidence and assertiveness when appropriate, are qualities essential for success in almost every area of life. They determine what you attempt, the strategies you adopt and how others respond. Most importantly, they determine the outcomes of your actions. They can mean the difference between success and failure.

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